Remaining Positive in toughest situations

As a Project Manager (PM) there are many a times when things are not looking favorable and there is a fair amount of confusion towards the situations that is out of your arena to be take care off.

You are already having a bad time and on top of that you have a team that is also looking forward towards you, this is the most critical time to think positive. As you are not the only one alone, there are many like you in your surroundings that are also facing the same confusion and are even more mentally stressed as they are inexperienced in tackling such situations, they are looking towards you with hope.

Recently there has been such situation in one of my acquaintances where the employer has worked on an arrangement with the client company and made some strategic changes, but somehow it was not communicated well within the team and resulted in absolute chaos. It was only day or two when this was realized and action plan was created. But during these two days time it was great confusion and everybody was trying to get clarity and as a result whatever limited information/rummer they got, it was either misinterpreted or spiced up. The project manager actually went out and created a communication channel to bring clarity and in the process won great confidence from the team. This is the true trait of a Project Manager, he had the option to also remain confused and add spice to the situation, but he maintained his cool and not only managed the situation well for himself, but actually brought peace as well to others.

Lot of people are actually focused towards the solution rather than making noise, these are the best people for becoming managers and will continue to excel in the situations.

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Adil is 15 years experienced IT Professional currently working as Project Manager managing multiple projects deliveries. He started as a Programmer and continuously progressed with increased responsibilities, he has worked on more than 100 IT projects with small, medium to large Client accounts. Adil's interests are to get into new technologies and start delivering successfully.

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