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Every Project has lots of data and that data gets accumulated over the period of time, data starts getting created right from the very beginning of a Project till end of project.

Kind of data varies from team’s work, overall quality of deliveries, the risks and issues in project, learning at the end of project, audit reports, appreciations etc. Various stakeholders are involved in the project that are interested in different metric to use it further and make necessary decisions, for example : the team’s time sheet data is important for the finance manager to see how best the customers can be billed and then predict the overall account’s profitability. The same report is used by Project manager for getting the usability within the team and possibility of optimizing the resources, if there is any changes needed in team to increase the productivity.

For getting all these metric every time there is a effort and repeated work which takes lot of time. To overcome this, best way is to get the dashboards set for project as per the need like agile board gives a glimpse of overall teams work, a custom dashboard that has multiple projects are set where each project mentions overall resources, risks, issues and a summary of overall project status. This gives a broader picture to higher management about the whole projects. Sales dashboards are put up mentioning the current sales and opportunities in terms of leads in pipeline, this gives a good amount of future forecasting capabilities to stakeholders.

Dashboards are always available and need no additional time to filter data, every time a report is needed, it is available on the fly. This has reduced the overall complexity and repeated work for manager and gave him time to go explore something new.

There are some tools that I have used for creating dashboards :

  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Wrike
  • Basecamp
  • Trac

While creating dashboard one of the most important factor to consider is setting the right amount of grouping and filters, for example if dashboard would be used by delivery managers, there is no need to add financial data, if a dashboard is getting created for Chief Technology Officer and data is not filtered on the overall technical quality of projects, this will only be a less relevant dashboard for him.

The right amount of history also matters in dashboard, sometimes I have seen dashboards that were having data since many years that are not even needed. Dashboards evolve and grow as you keep using them.

I have significantly used dashboards and benefited from them, how about you, kindly mention in comments.

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Adil is 15 years experienced IT Professional currently working as Project Manager managing multiple projects deliveries. He started as a Programmer and continuously progressed with increased responsibilities, he has worked on more than 100 IT projects with small, medium to large Client accounts. Adil's interests are to get into new technologies and start delivering successfully.

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