Importance of a Project Manager in teams

Need of Project Manager

A lot of industries these days are re-thinking if there is really a need of an extra resource that is a Project manager (PM), then there are many new methodologies that are making the job of a PM redundant, then what is the need of a PM ?

To start with PM’s role from what it was 10 years back has been completely transformed, earlier the PMs were specific to a particular role, say for example only deliveries in a team or Client communication or sales etc. But as the paradigm changed for all the professionals in industries, PMs role diversified with multiple hats to wear, some times the same PM is team’s advocate and next time he is doing a sales pitch to the Customer.

The role has now evolved to be more than merely a designation largely, however there are few instances where there is still a need of that old PM mindset but trust me that is also a hat to be wore in those projects.

level of Teams

The team’s need for a PM is completely dependent on the overall mindset, expertise of team.

I have seen teams that see PM as a companion and they all wear his hat at most of the times, in this case the PM becomes redundant and this is a big achievement for any team and that PM, this team becomes self running team and over the period of time these kind of teams would be needed as one PM would need to manage large number of teams.

There is another set of team that always needs a PM for anything and everything, I would say, this team is still in learning to be a actual team and PM has lot to do in terms of overall management, it is quite possible the requirement of a PM is by design and not by mindset of team, some Organizations follow hierarchies and PM is a important part to sew the overall team structures with stakeholders, there it is completely fine to always have a PM or somebody wearing the hat.

All in all there are different thought processes and all are working fine, with or without PM, the hat is definitely going to be there for ever, weather team wears it or a person !

Availability of tools

There are lot of Project Management tools that are also replacing lot of work that PM used to do, monitoring, tracking, reporting etc, but this has more of helped the PM and work as a support to reduce the complexity in managing multiple things, these tools have helped PM to take up more and more project and still have a close hold on each of them.

With this I would like to know more from your experiences.


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Adil is 15 years experienced IT Professional currently working as Project Manager managing multiple projects deliveries. He started as a Programmer and continuously progressed with increased responsibilities, he has worked on more than 100 IT projects with small, medium to large Client accounts. Adil's interests are to get into new technologies and start delivering successfully.

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