How important is for a project manager to upgrade

Project manager (PM) has lot of experience and he is continuously busy in delivering project after project. It has been years in this role and still there is no end of road, but then he starts realizing other PMs are also working on similar projects and they are lot more free to do other things as well compared to him, they are also better organized and tech savvy. Does this means He is doing something wrong ?

Well there is nothing wrong in doing the things that way he used to do a few years back, but Industry and Roles are evolving day by day and there are learning regularly, based on these learning there are more smarter ways to do work and that is also faster and much easier, as many of the things are getting automated, some of the tasks have even became redundant over time like sending weekly status reports to the stake holders, there are many new tools that have a dashboard that can be customized to create periodic reports.

There are many new tools getting into the market that are a result of lot of research and feedback, they solve one or other problem for the PM. Some of them are simple bug tracking system to complete Project Lifecycle management systems. A PM must keep on exploring new tools as well to upgrade.

There is lot of research in the field of PM and as a result some new methodologies are also getting into practice and there are lot of refinement in the existing methodologies as well, like earlier mostly everybody in IT deliveries was following Waterfall but these days there is Agile, even in agile there are many flavors and then there are recommendations to get it customized based on Project’s needs.

Another important factor for a PM is on technology side, some of the IT PMs are required to contribute on solutioning as well as managing the project, they also require to gain knowledge about the domain that they are working as this would help the project and communication with the right stakeholders by remaining in perspective, this also gives lot of confidence to team and the PM himself in taking the decisions.

Another advantage a PM gets if he is aware of multiple technologies that are related to Project, it helps him do a comparative analysis, decision analysis and resolution and suggest best solution available, this will not only help the team to work on the best solution but also Project will be modern. A PM must keep on learning new technologies and domains.

Learning and documenting the learning for future references are also important as in a few years the old things fades away and new learning are remembered.

Sometimes going into a formal training or doing a certification is also a good idea if you want to gain the in depth knowledge about any topic. There are few certifications like PMP and Prince 2 that are created specifically considering the needs of the modern Project Managerment aspects and is a great value addition to a PM’s learning.

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Adil is 15 years experienced IT Professional currently working as Project Manager managing multiple projects deliveries. He started as a Programmer and continuously progressed with increased responsibilities, he has worked on more than 100 IT projects with small, medium to large Client accounts. Adil's interests are to get into new technologies and start delivering successfully.

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