Relationship with Team

January 8, 2019

What is the value in building relationship with team, does it always helps in positive way, or it becomes a challenge at times. I have been working with the team since long time and experience is different every-time, common things that is maintained as a practice and written in process books are more or less […]

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Remaining Positive in toughest situations

December 13, 2018

As a Project Manager (PM) there are many a times when things are not looking favorable and there is a fair amount of confusion towards the situations that is out of your arena to be take care off. You are already having a bad time and on top of that you have a team that […]

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How does Project Manager manages multiple Projects

August 20, 2018

Project Manager(PM) starts initially by managing one Project and then makes it running on its own, now he starts another Project and so on, but how does he manages to take care of multiple projects at the same time. It all starts with a Project and in most of the cases PM gets role of […]

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Best way to write user stories

August 8, 2018

In any Agile project one of the major factor in success of project also depends on the way user stories are written. User stories are the basic building blocks towards the overall project’s requirements, these are complete units that can be build tested and delivered. Many a times, I have experienced that user stories are […]

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How important is for a project manager to upgrade

August 3, 2018

Project manager (PM) has lot of experience and he is continuously busy in delivering project after project. It has been years in this role and still there is no end of road, but then he starts realizing other PMs are also working on similar projects and they are lot more free to do other things […]

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Risks in Project

July 16, 2018

Risks are one of the most important aspects to consider and controlled in any project at any point of time be it at the beginning till the very end of project. I am trying to list the details that I have experienced on Risks and some of my experiences as well. Primarily there are two […]

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Surprises ! How to manage ?

July 10, 2018

There is a meeting about to be started in 10 minutes, you have prepared for this meeting along with your Technical expert in team and Client has also called his other team members that are generally very tough to be gathered for a meeting due to the differences in time zones. This meeting was planned […]

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Project Manager’s Portfolio

July 5, 2018

Why a Portfolio What is the need of a portfolio, does it make any difference ? If you think you have done enough work and would like to showcase your learning and experience, making a portfolio will definitely make a difference. However you already might be active on multiple social platforms and other platforms where […]

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Verbal Communication Tips

July 4, 2018

These are few points that can make a difference in your day to day communications, here is the list of a few of them that I have experienced and have gathered from some of the communication related trainings : Confidence is the first thing that is required along with clarity. Keep it simple and clear […]

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Basics of a Conference Call

July 4, 2018

There are three stages related to Conference call : Pre Call During Call Post Call Based on these three stages there are certain things that needs to be kept into consideration, this will help in improving overall call experience. Pre Call The call time needs to be scheduled in a way that works for everyone, […]

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